The TONiC Study

TONiC is the largest study of its kind in the world, the Trajectories of Outcome in Neurological Conditions (TONiC) study aims to examine factors that influence quality of life in patients with neurological conditions, including MND. TONiC will hopefully have a significant and positive impact on the lives of all patients living with neurological conditions, regardless of symptoms, stage of illness, age or social status. For example, what symptoms should be treated first? In the first phase of the project, interviews identified that non-MND specific, standard ways of measuring abilities to cope and hope, do not work well in people living with MND. TONiC seeks to change that in order to develop better measuring scales to benefit research outcomes.

The next steps in the study are to identify better measures for quality of life factors, and make them available to researchers around the globe, as well as looking at a variety of quality of life related topics which are important to patients living with MND. The project is led by Professor Carolyn Young, based at the Walton Centre in Liverpool and by recruiting more people living with MND, and monitoring any changes over time, she aims to help improve care management for people living with MND.

How to take part in the survey

The large-scale extension to the TONiC study is now being rolled out into specialist neurological centres in cities throughout the UK. Our open sites can be viewed at our website: where you will find information about the person to contact at your nearest site. Alternatively, you may contact the TONiC Team at the Walton Centre direct either by email or telephone 0151 529 5668/2980.