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To contact the Branch please ring Moira Furlong on 0151 722 2530.


Alun Owen Alun Owen

My own personal experience of losing my partner to MND was the driving force in joining the branch and becoming involved in any way possible. After 9 years, I am still here as Secretary, Branch Contact, Association Visitor and MND Connect helpline volunteer. I was also thrilled to be voted in as one of the Trustees of the National Association in September 2009 which means that I am able to be even more involved in decision making that should have a positive impact on people and their families living with Motor Neurone Disease.

Carol McGowan Carol McGowan

In 1982 my father died of MND and at the time I was a District Nurse. I felt that that as a nurse and after spending years of training I should have been able to do something to stop the disease. Following my father's death my mother Stella Edwards had been approached by the MND Association to set up a local branch in Merseyside. I then joined my mother and we started the Merseyside Branch in 1983. Since helping my mum setup the branch I now feel my that nursing skills plus knowlege of MND can help alot.

Moira Furlong

Moira FurlongI joined the branch and then the Committee in 1991, following my Mum Maureen being diagnosed with MND. She died 18 months later. I remain involved, to help the fight to find a cure for this devastating disease, and to do something to help support people diagnosed with MND, and their families.

Campaigning and Awareness
Sandra Smith

Sandra SmithMy husband, John, died in November 2010 from (Bulbar) MND and I gave up work to spend time with him and be responsible for his care. He had the added complication of frontotemporal dementia which meant that many of the professionals involved in his care lacked understanding of the condition. This resulted in my having to work even harder to ensure all his needs were met. My experience of MND made me re-assess my priorities and rather than return to my previous life in industry I am in the fortunate position of being able to offer my services to the MND Association.

In November 2012 I completed the Inca Trail in Peru to raise funds and awareness of MND. I am the Campaign and Awareness Raising contact for the Merseyside branch, also a trustee, I serve on the Care Committee and am Chair of the Engagement Committee.

In March 2014 I will begin a two year project with the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) to develop a clinical guideline on the assessment and management of motor neurone disease.

Vincent Furlong

Keith Ten-Pow

Keith Ten-PowI do what I do because living with MND you got no choice but to live life to the maximum. That is why I enjoy my collecting and meeting people.

Sheila Morley Sheila Morleytel: 0151 924 0583
Stew Cranage

Stew CranageI lost my Brother in Law to MND in July 2003. Since then, I have always been very active in fundraising for the MND Association. It seems so wrong that you need a loved one to be diagnosed with MND before you have the awareness of the disease, so my personal priorities are to do all I can to promote awareness and raise as much money as possible to assist with research and care. I have been so impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment of the Merseyside branch that I wanted to do more to help at a local level and so I volunteered to join the committee as corporate fundraiser.

Stella Edwards


Interested in Helping?

The Merseyside branch is interested in hearing from anyone who would like to help out or join our committee. We are also looking for Association Visitors in the area and would be delighted to hear from anyone who might be interested in finding out more about this role. Please contact for information and further details of how you can get involved locally.

For more information on volunteering opportunities with the association, please visit the National Office website at